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Storage Engineer


-Provisioning DASD storage volumes, including all related ancillary tasks.
-Maintaining pools of Mod9, Mod-27, and Mod-54 volumes that are pre-initialized and ready for assignment.
-Monitoring the amount of storage allocated and notifying management when storage levels need to increase or decrease.
-Providing and maintaining shadow image volumes and remote mirrored volumes as required.
-Building JCL streams, using PPRC commands, for nightly backups, to include the creation of GDGs for backup data sets, as well as splits, re-synchs, and queries of shadow image volumes during backup windows.
-Using HITACI’s Storage Navigator, suspend, delete, or pair volumes using Universal Replicator facilities.
-Administering and managing an IBM TS7720 VTL, including virtual tape replication using IBM Grid configuration.
-Provide on-site support 10 weekends per year, during regularly scheduled maintenance windows.

Position Type: Contract
Location: Maryland
Submission Date: 2016-10-26T00:00:00

Required skills - HW        IBM Mainframe (z196, z10, and EC12)
-IBM TS3500 Tape Library
-Hitachi VSP
-Brocade DCX Fiber Director
-Brocade 7800 FCoE Switch

Required skills - SW        Operating Systems:  z/OS, z/VM, z/Linux, Windows 2008/2012
-Hitachi Storage Navigator
-Brocade Network Advisor (BNA)
-Tape Management Software (CA-1)
-IBM Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM)
-IBM SW: JES2, TSO, ISPF, SDSF, JCL,  SYSLOG, and Teleview
-Languages: CLIST

Desired skills        Ability to apply user requirements to the analysis, planning, and design of technology systems.

-Knowledge of Brocade 7800 FCoE Switches.
-Ability to communicate problems and solutions both verbally and in writing.
-Ability to work independently and troubleshoot problems with speed and efficiency.
-Ability to work closely with others in a team environment
-Ability to interface with all customer levels.
-Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
-Ability to communicate and convey information (orally and in writing) to a diverse audience, including management, non-technical, and technical staff.


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